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How Does Our Decorating Service Work?

Inquiring about our decorating service is very simple and easy! We ask all of our clients to first fill out the decorating request form. That form is very important to us because it allows us to get to know you, your home and your overall style. It also eliminates a lot of back and forth questions that we may have about your project. We want this whole process to be stress free and of course exciting! Once we receive and review your decorating request we contact you to schedule a 30 min call to go over your information. If everything sounds great we move forward with assigning you a project start date. You will be asked to download 2 apps Pinterest and WhatsApp. Pinterest is where you and your designer can share decor ideas and inspiration with each other. WhatsApp will be used to communicate with your designer. You can easily call or text your designer through WhatsApp. Your designer will be able to send you all information about your project (designs, large files/documents and more!). Note we call all of our design work projects. We accomplish these projects in 3 stages, measuring, designing and decorating


You will be assigned a project start date. That date will most likely be the same day that our team physically comes over to measure and take pictures of the space. We first measure the space to ensure that every item will fit seamlessly. Next we start taking pictures of the space as well as any items that you would like incorporated into the design. 

*For e-designs you will be required to take your own pictures and measurements for us. 


We try to give ourselves a 2-4 month timeframe for residential clients and a 4-6 month timeframe for commercial clients to complete the overall project. However it does depend on what your project entails. It takes our team a couple of weeks to create a floor plan and design for the space. We do work on one room at a time. During the design stage we will share the design with you through WhatsApp so that you know how everything is coming along. You will have the opportunity to do the following.

  • approve or deny floor plans, design boards, renderings, color schemes/themes and any items we may have product sourced for you.
  • make changes to the design up to 2 revisions.

Once you approve the full design we will then proceed with your choice of option A or B. *For e-designs clients can only choose Option A. For traditional designs client can choose either option at booking.  

Option A. you receive a product purchase list and links of all items to purchase or Option B. you send your money to the designer and they will go shopping on your behalf.



This is the final stage and the most exciting stage! At this point you had already seen and got the feel of what your space will look like. You have already approved the design and either you or the designer has already purchased everything from the product purchase list to start decorating! Now it is time to bring your vision, our design to life! If you chose Option A you can submit your photos of the final look so we can share them with the world. If you chose Option B our team will decorate and take photos of everything. So now we finally made it to the end!  You're now able to enjoy your new space and we are now able to say we put a smile on a clients face!